October 29, 2013

Miggens For Figgens

Gabriel needed mittens.

I hate most mitten patterns.

So I made one up.

Photos soonish…

Holding two strands of worsted weight, CO 24 using German Twisted CO

Distribute needles evenly on 4 size 7US DPNS

Join w/o twisting and pm

1x1rib for 8-16 rows depending on desired cuff length

K1 m1 k5 around (28 stitches)

K3 m1 k4 around (32 stitches)

K around for 10-12 rows

K2tog k6 around (28 stitches)

K2tog k5 around (24 stitches)

K2tog k4 around (20 stitches)

K2tog k3 around (16 stitches)

K2tog around (8 stitches)

K2tog around (4 stitches)

Close remaining stitches in your preferred method

Finish ends

Repeat w/2nd mitten

Attach mittens with an I-cord of desired length

As an option you can put ties on the cuffs to help keep them on baby’s fingers.


September 21, 2013

A Bushel And A Peck

Well, not really. We went to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market this morning and bought a half bushel of romas and about 20 peppers to make sauce and paste this afternoon.

Grace and I cut up everything and set it to cooking. I will can the sauce tonight yet and the paste tomorrow afternoon.

Not a bad way to spend Mabon.




I also have two pints of ratatoullie that we are tired of eating, so those will get put in a bath too.


And of course we had to taste test all of the happily bubbling kimche.


So pretty.

I need to get some pineapple juice to make the pineapple zucchini dessert to can. My friend Lisa brought some last fall after we birthed Gabriel as part of her care package. We all loved it so I got the recipe!

Next week I really start prep for the fall in the garden. I have bulbs to plant for hyacinth, tulips, irises and daffodils. I plab to go to Egg|Plant this week for garlic bulbs too.

Clean up for winter begins.

Merry Mabon to you!

September 21, 2013

Promised Pictures





September 16, 2013

Apple Butter Fool

We went to our friends Traci and Jackie’s place over in Wisconsin this past weekend for Jackie’s 50th birthday party. It was a great time with family friends. Traci and Jackie have a tiny little farm where they raise beef and have apple trees. Being the opportunist I am with regard to food that will otherwise go to waste, along with my friend Shelly and her husband Jaimie, (Jaimie calls it “opportunivore”) we set to task of relieving Traci and Jackie of their apples that they were not going to pick.

I don’t know how much I ended up with at my house, but it was enough to give a neighbor about 20 apples and bring an entire Kowalski’s bag full down to the Dorothy Day Center (homeless shelter in downtown St. Paul.) In addition to the apples we shared with others I made French toast with sauteed apples, oats with cinnamon apples, I put apples into our vegetarian roast for dinner tonight, the boys ate likely their individual weights in apples each, (Gabriel at times had two and sometimes three apples working at once!)

My most happy accomplishment, however, was the apple butter which is still cooking as I type this. I made the first round starting this morning. Travis helped me cut, gut and peel the apples and put them into the crock pot. The first batch I did simple with a bit of cardamom (not too much, cardamom can take on a soapy flavor if you use too much,) cinnamon and about a cup to a cup and a half of organic sugar. They cooked all day and the house smelled amazing. I had two crock pots going today; One had apples buttering and the other had dinner roasting. It was a beautiful smell.

The first batch I netted five pints of apple butter.

After our vegetarian roast dinner, while the girls cleaned up the kitchen, I set to cutting, gutting and peeling the rest of the apples. I filled the crock again and decided on grated ginger and lemon zest along with the sugar this time. I am anxious for morning to find out how it turned out. It will surely be good on warm buttery toast. I expect to net four or five pints from this batch.

Today I also started two and a half gallons of kimche and a half gallon of plain sauerkraut on the request of Travis. He doesn’t care for kimche. I put into the kimche, carrots, cabbage, red cabbage, ginger, lemongrass, radishes, garlic, and onion. I get excited making fermented food. I love testing the cabbages each day and watching them all bubble away in their jars.

This week I will go volunteer with Sisters Camelot again. It will be interesting to see what comes home with me in need of immediate processing. This canning thing could be a big deal for me I think.

I will attempt photos tomorrow.


September 11, 2013

Oops! I did it, again…

I am really bad at this promising to blog thing. 

Have you noticed? 

I didn’t used to be. I used to blog daily elsewhere. My life changed tremendously and I stopped. 

Life is great again. Has been for a few years now, so what’s my problem? 

Maybe I just need inspiration? I mean, I WANT to blog, but I feel like the things I want to blog about are already covered to such a great extent so how could I possibly contribute to the conversations?

Do I start with a word prompt? There are at least a bajillion word prompt generators online that could help me with five minute blogging blitzes.

Maybe I will just start with knitting. 

I have four things on needles right now: My selfish sweater that I hope to finish before it gets cold, two matching pebble sweaters for the boys for the fall, and a pair of baby legs for my sister who is due in January.

Oh, and we are pregnant again. Baby Five. Five. Yes, Five.


February 9, 2012

Long time no blog??

And here I was thinking I was going to make this a regular thing….

Oh how life gets after me.


We no longer have a Venezuelan living in the basement and we are expecting a baby in September. Oh and I am going to Indiana in a couple of weeks for dance intensives that I’ve waited a really long time to go to. I’m super stoked.


I’ve become obsessed with nail polish lately… and dressing head to toe in one color. It’s green today. Every time I put a green dress on, I think, “This isn’t so cruel, I have no idea what they were talking about.”

I’m on a kick of Odwalla chocolate monster, manzanilla olives and blueberries.

I can’t handle sugar.

My dreams are awful right now. Gotta love what pregnancy hormones do to the sleeping brain.

I have pregnant hair growing…a good fine layer about two inches long all over my head. It’s interesting. I’ve never noticed it before, though my hair has always gotten thick in pregnancy.

I’m learning to zen quite a bit lately.

I’m learning that things that are meant for you don’t pass you by.

I’m also learning that I’m a hell of a lot cooler than even I initially thought I was.

Are you ready for that?

December 1, 2011

Just in time

Snow fell last night just in time for December to fall upon us. That also means that my knitting needs to kick into high gear…and I say this as I am just finisheding Zoe’s birthday sweater…her birthday was 2 1/2 weeks ago…Degory’s birthday is Monday. So I am finishing her gift just in time for his birthday…when will his birthday sweater be finished? Well, my birthday is next in line….so, January.

I joke really. These sweaters are easy sweaters, but Zoe’s frustrated me for some reason. I started it NINE times!! I am about 9cm from finished with the body though and the sleeve are only a matter of a few rows. It’s a cute sweater and I am eager to have it done so I can start on Deg’s.

That will leave me done with birthday knitting JUST IN TIME to pick up needles for all of the Yule knitting. How much do you think i will have done? I am thinking I need to work on more than one project at a time though, so at least I have SOMETHING that says, seeeee I am at least making your presents, and you get to unwrap a picture of the pattern! (That’s acceptable, right? I mean, I have four people to knit for immediately, plus the other knits I will make for a handful of people in the periphery…cut me some slack!)

Another just in time, will be a dodecahedron star topper for our Yule tree which will be gotten this Saturday.

oh the lofty goals I have when it comes to knitting…

November 22, 2011

Have I Gone Mad?

I am planning (and should have been planning a long time ago) my Yule gifts for this year for Fella and kidlets…
On my knitting list:
three sweaters (all top down, seamless)
a smitten and matching glittens
a race track rug
three pairs of slippers

I think I hear the truck coming…you know, the one driven by men in white jackets…….

August 16, 2011

Here and Now

I use to blog very regularly…daily in fact. I had quite the following and wonderful traffic to my blog. In fact I was being courted by some sponsors and nearly opened a typepad blog because of it… then my life changed and I shifted gears a LOT. With that came no blogging… or very sporadic blogging.

A few clues in life lately have given me inspiration to start blogging again. I want to delve into the similar theme I had previously, but I know my approach will be different because my life is so very different. I am a city girl again instead of a country farmer. My children attend school and daycare instead of being homeschooled. I am working every day outside of the home in addition to rearing children. I am in an amazing partnership now with a man I love more every day and in the most amazing and unknown-to-me-before sort of ways. Yet my mind is still on simplfying and being healthy and growing my children into peaceful, loving and giving people. my mind is still on minimizing stuff in order to maximize life. My mind is still on making and doing and being…

So that is my approach: my value-set has changed, and my outlook is very different than when I was a regular blogger two years ago. What hasn’t changed are my priorities: health and happiness for my family and myself, body, mind and spirit.

So I take this on anew. Here and now…what a great place to start!