Here and Now

I use to blog very regularly…daily in fact. I had quite the following and wonderful traffic to my blog. In fact I was being courted by some sponsors and nearly opened a typepad blog because of it… then my life changed and I shifted gears a LOT. With that came no blogging… or very sporadic blogging.

A few clues in life lately have given me inspiration to start blogging again. I want to delve into the similar theme I had previously, but I know my approach will be different because my life is so very different. I am a city girl again instead of a country farmer. My children attend school and daycare instead of being homeschooled. I am working every day outside of the home in addition to rearing children. I am in an amazing partnership now with a man I love more every day and in the most amazing and unknown-to-me-before sort of ways. Yet my mind is still on simplfying and being healthy and growing my children into peaceful, loving and giving people. my mind is still on minimizing stuff in order to maximize life. My mind is still on making and doing and being…

So that is my approach: my value-set has changed, and my outlook is very different than when I was a regular blogger two years ago. What hasn’t changed are my priorities: health and happiness for my family and myself, body, mind and spirit.

So I take this on anew. Here and now…what a great place to start!




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