Just in time

Snow fell last night just in time for December to fall upon us. That also means that my knitting needs to kick into high gear…and I say this as I am just finisheding Zoe’s birthday sweater…her birthday was 2 1/2 weeks ago…Degory’s birthday is Monday. So I am finishing her gift just in time for his birthday…when will his birthday sweater be finished? Well, my birthday is next in line….so, January.

I joke really. These sweaters are easy sweaters, but Zoe’s frustrated me for some reason. I started it NINE times!! I am about 9cm from finished with the body though and the sleeve are only a matter of a few rows. It’s a cute sweater and I am eager to have it done so I can start on Deg’s.

That will leave me done with birthday knitting JUST IN TIME to pick up needles for all of the Yule knitting. How much do you think i will have done? I am thinking I need to work on more than one project at a time though, so at least I have SOMETHING that says, seeeee I am at least making your presents, and you get to unwrap a picture of the pattern! (That’s acceptable, right? I mean, I have four people to knit for immediately, plus the other knits I will make for a handful of people in the periphery…cut me some slack!)

Another just in time, will be a dodecahedron star topper for our Yule tree which will be gotten this Saturday.

oh the lofty goals I have when it comes to knitting…


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