Long time no blog??

And here I was thinking I was going to make this a regular thing….

Oh how life gets after me.


We no longer have a Venezuelan living in the basement and we are expecting a baby in September. Oh and I am going to Indiana in a couple of weeks for dance intensives that I’ve waited a really long time to go to. I’m super stoked.


I’ve become obsessed with nail polish lately… and dressing head to toe in one color. It’s green today. Every time I put a green dress on, I think, “This isn’t so cruel, I have no idea what they were talking about.”

I’m on a kick of Odwalla chocolate monster, manzanilla olives and blueberries.

I can’t handle sugar.

My dreams are awful right now. Gotta love what pregnancy hormones do to the sleeping brain.

I have pregnant hair growing…a good fine layer about two inches long all over my head. It’s interesting. I’ve never noticed it before, though my hair has always gotten thick in pregnancy.

I’m learning to zen quite a bit lately.

I’m learning that things that are meant for you don’t pass you by.

I’m also learning that I’m a hell of a lot cooler than even I initially thought I was.

Are you ready for that?


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